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I would like to welcome you to my comprehensive Tampa Bay area real estate website. No other site provides more detailed real estate market information than you’ll find here.

For buyers there is a search page that is tied to the MLS® that is coupled with detailed area and neighborhood information. For sellers, I provide information and data to help you to ready your home for market and to list it so it sells quickly and for the highest amount.

Chuck Coit P.A., REALTOR®

Please contact me directly at (727) 641-4819 so that I can assist you with your buying or selling needs.

Welcome to The Tampa Bay area authority in all things real estate!!

From an inviting downtown to a lively social scene, a strengthening economy to a welcoming escape from winter, Trinity has what you’re looking for. The beautiful central Gulf Coast and Tampa Bay area cater to a diverse population. Whether you’re retiring, raising young children, or focusing on career ambitions, Trinity is a wonderful area to live, work, and play. According to, Trinity’s cost of living is lower than the national average while recent employment opportunities are increasing. Home appreciation has also increased in the past year, making real estate in Trinity, FL, a wise investment.

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The Trinity area real estate market is made up of several diverse and interesting communities & neighborhoods. I’ll tell you about each of them and let you narrow your search so to ensure you get the very best for you.

Buying and Selling Real Estate Made Easy

At Coit Property Group, our team of registered real estate advisors believes that no matter what experience you have in real estate, the quality services you need shouldn’t be hard to come by. We serveeveryone from busy families to aspiring young professionals and retirees.

Putting your house on the market can be fraught with questions and confusion. There are so many realtors available, so which do you choose? How should you go about listing your home? You might be worried about your house sitting on the market too long in thisoften fluctuating and volatile economy. How can you prepare your home so it attracts new owners quickly?

Relocating or buying a home can also induce stress. How do you know what neighborhood is the best fit for you and your family;how can you be sure you will all be happy there? You might be asking yourself what happens ifyou don’t find the right place at the right price, or maybe you’re wonderingif you’ll get undercut. Maybe you don’t even know what questions to ask, so where do you begin?

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The real estate agents of Coit Property Group are here to take your worries away. Don’t trouble yourself with all the hard questions when you can instead trust an experienced realtor with access to developers, inside knowledge of market trends and local home values, and the ability to effectively negotiate on your behalf.

Our philosophy is a simple one: “Moving in the right direction.” When professionalism counts, let us serve you, whether it’s inone of our specialties, including new construction homes andfirst-time homebuyers, or for the quality general services you’d expect in any real estate transaction.

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